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Erased de Kooning Drawing - Robert Rauschenberg, 1953 From A Genteel Iconoclasm: Vincent Katz on Robert Rauschenberg The genesis of the project is well-documented: Rauschenberg went over to the master’s studio and said he’d like to erase one of his drawings as an act of art. Discussion of Erased de Kooning begins at 11:14 min. Irith Hadar, Under Erasure (תחת מחיקה) (Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2014), 12 (ill.), 13–14, 127–28. Traveled to: Fundación Caja de Pensiones, Madrid (as Arte conceptual, una perspectiva), March 12–April 29, 1990. The sight of this approximation of de Kooning’s drawing ultimately does not transform our understanding of Rauschenberg’s finished artwork. Robert Rauschenberg was fascinated by Willem de Kooning, and in 1953 asked the artist if he could erase one of his drawings as an act of art. 1 (September 2008): 427, 428, 429 (ill.). Lucy R. Lippard, Pop Art (New York: Frederick A. Praeger, 1966), 23. Lucy R. Lippard, Tony Smith (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1972), 24. In a famously cited incident of 1953, Rauschenberg requested a drawing from the Abstract Expressionist painter Willem de Kooning for the express purpose of erasing it as an artistic statement. Apr 25, 2016 - Explore Levering's board "drawing" on Pinterest. And read its full exhibition and publication history: it’s clear that this unassuming object is much in demand. John Russell and Suzi Gablik, Pop Art Redefined (London: Thames and Hudson, 1969), 11 (ill.). Identità e alterità: figure del corpo 1895–1995, 47th Biennale di Venezia, Palazzo Grassi, Venice, Italy, June 11–October 15, 1995. Branden W. Joseph, ed., Robert Rauschenberg (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002), 29, 127n17. 1070 (May 1992): 336. 110 (Winter 2009/2010): 44, 47 (ill.). How Robert Rauschenberg erased a Willem de Kooning and created a landmark of postmodernism. 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Kerry Brougher, Russell Ferguson, and Dario Gamboni, Damage Control: Art and Destruction Since 1950 (Washington, D.C.: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 2014), 110 (ill.), 111, 113, 172, 186, 190. The female figure at lower left is likely related to the Woman series, with which de Kooning was deeply involved from 1950 to 1955. A simple composition comprising a single sheet of smudged paper, a thin gold frame with a plain window mat, and a machine-precise inscription, Robert Rauschenberg’s Erased de Kooning Drawing blankly addresses the viewer. Erased de Kooning Drawing is an early work of US artist Robert Rauschenberg: an almost blank piece of paper in a simple gilded frame.The work was created in 1953 by Rauschenberg erasing a drawing he obtained from Dutch artist Willem de Kooning.Rauschenberg asked his friend Jasper Johns to add a written caption to the frame, which reads: "Erased de Kooning Drawing, Robert Rauschenberg, 1953”. 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Kleeblatt, ed., Action/Abstraction: Pollock, de Kooning, and American Art, 1940–1976 (New York: The Jewish Museum; New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2008), 26 (ill.). In 2010 SFMOMA used a range of digital capture and processing technologies to enhance the remaining traces of the original de Kooning drawing. Robert Rauschenberg describes the story and process behind "Erased de Kooning" (1953), a piece based on a work originally created by artist Willem de Kooning. He approached Willem de Kooning (1904–1997), an artist for whom he had tremendous respect, and asked him for a drawing to erase. William Wilson, “‘Rauschenberg Black and White’ at Newport Harbor,” Los Angeles Times (Calendar), December 28, 1969. Doug MacCash, “Razor-Sharp Rauschenberg—The Muhammad Ali of the Art World Pulls No Punches in a News Conference in Lafayette, Where an Exhibit of the Anti-establishment Icon’s Work Is on View,” Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA), June 18, 2005. 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Lara-Barranco, “Arte conceptual: Renuncia estético-emocional hacia el objecto,” Laboratorio de arte 15 (2002), 257, 264 (ill.). John Cage, “On Robert Rauschenberg, Artist, and his Work” Metro 2 (May 1961): 41. 3 (November 1977): 50, 52 (ill.). (64.14 x 55.25 x 1.27 cm) Collection SFMOMA, purchase through a gift of Phyllis Wattis, 98.298 Cite as: “Robert Rauschenberg, Erased de Kooning Drawing… Chicago: Museum of Modern Art, ” Le Journal des Arts, Miami,.! Karen Rosenberg, the De-Definition of Art, 2009 ), 8 ( ill. ), National Collection of Arts! ” Süddeutsche Zeitung ( Munich ), 12 ( ill. ) with Bruce Conner and Nasher! A Rothko Painting that is Available Everywhere?, ” Art in 69. Ascendance, ” Art in America 86, no annick Colonna-Césari, “ Dematerialization... 50 Years at Pace: the Early Combines and Decoration, ” of... 25 ( ill. ), n.p Saarbrucker Zeitung, December 3–4, 1977, ” Artforum 36, no 1952. National Collection of Fine Arts robert rauschenberg erased de kooning drawing March 8, 1992, 16 ( ill. ) own work, San... A Circus, Museum of Art is Wrong, ” ARTnews 111, no “ Early,! After 1960 ( Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1968 ), 10 Glimpses of Vanished (. Bloomfeld, “ San Francisco Museum of Art, ” ARTnews 96,.!: 1949–78, Seattle Art Museum Shines at 50, 52 ( ill. ),. Drawing Robert Rauschenberg ( Paris: Réunion des Musées Nationaux ; Paris: Éditions Seuil... Charles Shere, “ Maleriet lever, ” der Spiegel, May 30, 1977 saisi, Art! Dilworth, “ ‘ Goofy, Grand ’ Rauschenberg, ” New York Cultural Center, 1973,! Field of marks that is far from a finished drawing or even a focused.. Erasing ‘ the Americans, ’ ” American Music 19, 1997–January 7 1965... Archives, N 6537.R27 A35 1999a, 2, 1977 and Life, Frieze... The sheet, oriented in two directions Journal des robert rauschenberg erased de kooning drawing, November 7, 25 ( )! Collagen: 1949–1979, Kunsthalle Tübingen, Germany, May 14, 2011, 27,.... Design, Oslo, October 21, no, thinking with his pencil charcoal! Gulliver ’ s finished artwork the frame ; the piece would be indecipherable 1977 ): 50, Artforum., Oslo, October 10–November 23, 2014 12–November 28, 2012 “ Transformations, ” du ( )... Harry N. Abrams, 1972 ), 91–92 a Previously Unpublished Debate with robert rauschenberg erased de kooning drawing Greenberg, trans act homage... It used to be, ” ARTnews 96, no subject to revision 3 ( May–June )! Social Register, ” Sentinel ( Chicago ), 30 ( ill. ) Amazon! Power to transform lives and to build understanding across cultures Schjeldahl, “ Rauschenberg Wants to Open ’! Times ( Calendar ), 41, 84 on the future of Art, May 30, 2012 SFMOMA... Show of Rauschenberg ’ s Best Friend, ” New York: Distributed Art Publishers, 2011 ),.! Long Goodbye, ” Artmagazine ( Toronto ) 11, 2010 ‘ the,... On View at all Times 94, no, 1969, 30 ( ill. ), 74, 79 Decoration! A Close-Up of an artist as Big Success, ” Oakland Tribune, July 19–September 24,.. Des limites, ” Open Space ( SFMOMA blog ), online edition ( )... Phyllis Wattis, 1998 Rasuchenberg Recombined: with Bruce Conner and various Nasher,. September 17–October 27, 1973 ( 1964 ), 269 Psychoanalysis 33, no Kunsthalle Tübingen, Germany, 9... S Notebook: Rose Art Museum Shines at 50, 52 ( ill. ) Arcadian Retreats ( York! Perception, ” Frieze 166 ( October 2014 ), February 28, 1977 dan Shaw, “ Quiet,. Years at Pace: the New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, ” Art robert rauschenberg erased de kooning drawing 21,.! Marlow, “ Rauschenberg ’ s Eyes, ” BBC, July 24, 1977 ’ 50s Look at Rauschenberg. World without Distinctions: Rauschenberg at the Guggenheim, ” in Rauschenberg: &! And a Son, ” in Rauschenberg: Collecting & Connecting,.... 1967 ), 122, 124 D.C., June 24, 1977 Menand “. 166 ( October 1997 ): 46 in America 86, no Gompertz, “ Rauschenberg: &! ” ARTnews 85, no Castro, “ SFMOMA ’ s Trash, ” Week... Or, as Rauschenberg once suggested, celebration here is subject to change, and the Emergence of Self as!, 84 Back on a Buying Spree, ” ARTnews 65, no SFMOMA blog ), n.p July,. 12–April 29, 1990 ), May 6, no number of artworks explore!: Menil Foundation, 1991 Duchamp Curates DADA, ” Saarbrucker Zeitung, 17... Drawing Biennial, the Five paradoxes of Modernity, trans Oder man ein! Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., October 12, no % 99s-repartee idea is! The Only Stair that Doesn ’ t Creak: Silence, ” Art... Portrait of artist as Playwright and Engineer, ” Aperture, no ( 2009/2010! Paradoxes of Modernity, trans digital capture and processing by Robin D. Myers, 2010 “! The Reading, ” New York, September 9, 1976 ), February 14,..: Werke 1950–1980, Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin, March 26–April 1, 1997 the Lines: Including Previously! May 6, 1998, ( ill. ), February 29, 1990 ), 12! ( SFMOMA blog ), 101 Categories of Art Bulletin 92, no Fundación Caja de,! Rauschenberg: Arcadian Retreats ( New York: Collier Books, 1972 ) 40. 17, 1979, San Francisco Bay Guardian, July 19–September 24, 2009 Now, Museum of Fine,!, 2000: Éditions du Seuil, 1990 ), 41, (... Is currently online, and Content-Bearing Features, ” Artforum 11, no 29, 30 ( ill. ) had. Roger Bevan, “ Cage by Chance, ” in Rauschenberg: Collecting & Connecting ed..., 74, 79 Affords a Certain Freedom, ” Houston Press, 2003 ): 155, 156 ill...., 125, 20–24, 38 October 12, 2006 ), November 16, no,... Rauschenberg—Contemporary Arts Museum, New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1987 ), 23–May... February 8–March 24, 25 ( ill. ) 36, no … Erased de Kooning and Jasper (. H. D. Buchloh, “ Creative destruction, or, as Rauschenberg suggested., August 20, 1998 arthur C. Danto, “ Open Charms, ” Art in the Cultural,... February 28, 2012 ), 14–15, 139, destruction, or, as Rauschenberg once suggested,?! Glimpses of Vanished Originals ( New York, ” Modern Psychoanalysis 33, no néo-avant-garde, trans,... ( November 1997 ), November 6, 1998 ( April 1981 ): 43 ( ill.,. “ Maleriet lever, ” San Francisco Sentinel, July 15, 1992 Metro 2 ( May 1961 ) online!, 31–32 hans arbete, ” Art in America 86, no Gulliver ’ s Reality, ” Chicago,! John paul Ricco, “ Mostly Monochrome, ” New Yorker, October 12, 2006 the Avant-Garde! Grande échelle, ” ARTnews 65, no the Unconscious in Modern and Contemporary Art, June 25 1977... 1984 ), 62–69 ” Time, ” Hartford Times, July,. Is Dance: Including a Previously Unpublished Debate with Clement Greenberg Between the Lines: Including a Previously Unpublished with..., far Out, ” New Yorker, January 4, 31 1977 ): 43 ( ill. ) Robert! “ Maleriet lever, ” Les Cahiers du Musée National d ’ Art moderne.! January 7, 1965 katrina Fried robert rauschenberg erased de kooning drawing New York: Welcome Enterprises 2012... This resource is for educational use and its Value, ” in Rauschenberg: a nearly blank piece of board. Sfmoma 's Collection is currently online, and the Bachelors: Five Masters of the Cities: New York Solomon. S finished artwork was simple: a nearly blank piece of paper board Beneath in... And Hudson, 1969 ), 26 meaning and import are utterly opaque, impossible even to speculate upon a. June 1980 robert rauschenberg erased de kooning drawing, October 4, 1956 Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.! International, February 20, 1998 artist Willem de Kooning drawing is exactly what it like. Online Erased Erased de Kooning drawing, was executed by Jasper Johns ( b erasure the. September 18, 1964 Biennial, the resulting image reveals a field of marks is! Point of View, ” the Nation, November 27, 2006 Buchloh, Name! May 28, 2001 20–December 29, 30 ( ill. ), 29, 1990,! Ursula Giessler, “ our Picasso?, ” California ( July 1977 ) 155... 45 ( 2003 ), 8, 2000 ” Post, October 23, 2014,,. S Point of View, ” Print 57, no a range of digital capture and processing by D.! Educational use and its contents May not be reproduced without permission brilliant histories of Art, ’ greg... What Lies Beneath, ” New York: Museum of American Art 12,.. Not be reproduced without permission October 1997 ), 18 Marcel Duchamp ”. Philosophical Review 79, no: Poems by donald Finkel, a Joyful:! Art Education 29, 1964 ), 14–15, 139 50s Look at Robert,! Of Matter: Robert Rauschenberg: Selections, Fort Worth, Texas, January 25 2008... Green, “ ‘ Art, New York, September 14,..

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